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How to: Decorate with Gingham

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Check, please!

Gone are the days of grandmothers curtains, couch, and just about everything else being covered in this pattern. Gingham is making its comeback in a big (and much more aesthetically pleasing) way. From wallpaper, to a statement seat, or even bedding, we are seeing people going for gingham over and over this season.

Gingham Bedding

If you are more of a traditionalist at heart or not ready to fully commit to the trend, this is a great way to give it a whirl. This room in particular has a more classic look to it and even if the gingham craze fades, it will not have a dated or “past season” feel to it. And, if you decide you’d like to say “check please” and leave this checkered pattern in the past, you can easily do so by swapping out for different bedding. [image via our portfolio]

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Gingham Seat

Check this chair out. This seat from CR Laine is what we like to call an understated statement. The large check gingham pattern is right on the mark with the trend, but it’s neutral hues and simple structure make it a piece that would work in your home for years to come. You could go one and done to subtly incorporate the trend or try two and pair them for more of a pop! [image via CR Laine]

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Gingham Wallpaper

We’ve seen people get really creative with their use of gingham wallpaper and we are totally on board. These walls definitely are bold and command attention. Try this if you are more of a risk taker or are just ready to embrace this trend for all it has to offer. Opt for a standout wall in this pattern or do an entire powder room. [image via Pinterest]