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How To Decorate With Acrylic Accessories

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All about Acrylic

Acrylic accessories are dominating the design world right now, and this is not just a Pinterest fad among young people. Different people tend to desire to incorporate acrylic into their home for different reasons. From a design perspective, the use of acrylic is very versatile. These pieces visually do not add any weight to a room and give off the open, airy vibe – which seems to also be sought after these days. Today we are going to turn the traditional tables and talk about opting for acrylic.

If you like the look of something simple that makes a statement, acrylic is the way to go for you. Coffee tables, in particular, are a great way to add acrylic into a room. They are more casual and modern than a traditional wooden piece. Wooden coffee tables can be heavy and add weight to a room, distracting you from other aspects. Acrylic options are captivating enough to be appreciated, but also understated enough to serve as a complement other elements of the space.

Acrylic End Table

Ending on a good note is what we are all about and these end tables do exactly that. They are certainly stylish, but also refreshing. Again, you’re avoiding added visual weight, but gaining the open feeling. We love the scalloped quatrefoil design of this one because it is a unique take on the traditional square or rectangular shape acrylic designs tend to come in.

Greek Key Design

What kind of design blog would this be if we didn’t give a transitional suggestion for a trend? The Greek Key Design from Chelsea House is the perfect accent for those wanting to dip their toe into the acrylic pond before diving right in. It can seamlessly fit into an existing room set up and be change out later if you decide it isn’t the right look for you.