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Essential Items for a Southern Inspired Decor

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The southern part of the United States draws tourists from around the world to take in the countless awe-inspiring scenery, that you just can’t find anywhere else in the country. And with popular television shows like, Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop Atlanta, Good Bones, and so many more programs saturating TV networks these days, it's exciting to see people becoming inspired by the timeless quality of southern hospitality.

So Many Styles

Southern decor is such a versatile decorating style that allows you to mix and match pieces to incorporate each of the important aspects of interior design. Southern decor can be classic, rustic, eclectic, traditional, cottage/farmhouse, modern/contemporary, the list goes on. If you’re feeling really creative, a combination of each of those styles brought together is bliss.

But where do you start? What are the must-have items you need to incorporate into your design and achieve that comforting feel of a southern inspired design? Well, you have come to the right place. DeGuise Home is the expert in classic, modern interior design and we can help you achieve any look you’re seeking to bring into your home.

Color The Walls

Spacious and airy rooms have an effect on people that makes them feel relaxed as if they’re lounging in the sunroom of a historic estate, and it is incredibly simple to achieve. This feeling is admired by homeowners and designers everywhere, and strive to capture the feeling and put into their designs. The easiest and most effective way to achieve this is simply by changing the colors of your walls. The next time you find yourself browsing through your favorite design magazine, you will likely find images and articles that emphasize on white or very light colored walls to create an airy feel. It’s hard to explain the psychology behind it, but in addition to a fresh and breathable room, painting walls a light color instantly makes the room feel larger.

In With The Old

Another fabulous way to achieve timeless, southern design to your space is introducing older pieces in with your new additions. Many of us have family heirlooms waiting for a second chance to show off their enduring features. Go ahead and dust them off and welcome them into your design. The addition of antique furniture pieces brings a fresh, approachable aesthetic to the room and now you have an immediate conversation piece.

Wooden Glam

Raw, chipped, untouched wood pieces may seem like something that should just be left alone in an old workshop—but adding this type of element as accent pieces throughout your design can really impact the room. It can be something as easy as an empty wooden frame to hang on the wall or a slightly worn plank that can easily be turned into a tabletop. Honestly, there are no rules! Find a piece that speaks to you and there is surely a place for it somewhere in the design.

Bring The Outdoors In!

Houseplants have multiple purposes that can add to the space. On a visual level, it’s really nothing much more complicated than they’re just nice to look at. They can take up that blank space in your room that simply just needs to be filled. And a bonus, houseplants can improve health by reducing the levels of certain pollutants and airborne dust levels.

Pretty Patterns

Don’t be afraid of prints and patterns. It’s true, simplicity is the main focus of southern decor. However, adding pops of pattern to a neutral and airy space dramatically alters the space, while maintaining it’s simplistic vibe.

Overall, there isn’t a go-to standard list of specific decor items you need to rush out and purchase from any store—but you can still achieve a southern inspired room that will welcome and comfort guests. Be sure to stop by and check out our online store for the latest in classic decor items that will define your space. At deGuise Home, we offer an astounding selection of high-quality artwork pieces, stylish design furniture items, lighting, mirrors, and accent pieces. We also offer the largest selection of wallpaper designs in Charleston. 

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