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Small Things Make A Big Difference: Candlesticks, Trays & Baskets

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Creating a unique space that is designed with fine furnishings and a keen attention to detail is what we love so much about interior design. DeGuise Home stays up to date on the latest styles and trends so you have the perfect decoration accessories to add to your home.

Large furniture pieces like sofas and loveseats tend to be the most eye-catching pieces in the room, while the paint color or the design of the wallpaper creates a defined space, oftentimes accessories like bowls, jars, trays and candles can be overlooked. To us, the smaller accessory pieces are just as important and incredibly necessary to accomplish the look you are going for. Think of it like the icing on the cake—the knick-knacks and accessories in a room add the character and finishing touch you were seeking.

For instance, a kitchen doesn’t consist of a lot of furniture pieces like a formal dining room or a living room would have, but it can be easily styled with classic decor pieces. Take a look through our shop and you will find deGuise Home carries eclectic pieces to make a designer statement. Our Classic Glass Apothecary Jars come in large and medium would be perfect pieces to store dry goods and display elegantly on your counter space. Apothecary jars are so versatile, you could use them to store any kind of kitchen necessity, or use them strictly as decoration pieces. Our blue and white canisters also add the fashionable touch to any modern kitchen.

A more complex room like a sitting room or living room presents a great area to add different decor accessories and create a unique space. Our popular white and gold leaf ceramic vase is gorgeous on its own, or accompanied with a lovely floral arrangement on top of a side table. To dress up your walls, the Leggit Sconce can be added to decorate a more contemporary space, or mix it in with traditional styles. Either way, it's a small touch that will make a big statement.

Candles seem to be a must-have in every room. The soft, comforting glow of the candlelight has a way of altering the entire feel of a room. The Tracey Hurricane in large and small, can dress up a fireplace mantel, shelf, table, or any surface area for that matter.

Candles, vases, jars, and trays are the perfect accessory to compliment a room. By adding decorative accessories into your home’s design the finishing touches are complete. Small details are interchangeable and can be collected over time, which makes it all the more fun. Rest assured that your love for shopping doesn’t need to end once you’ve added your final touches to a room. You can mix, match and switch out items between different rooms to create different looks and add new pieces as trends change.

DeGuise Home’s home furnishings is a one-stop shop for online home decor. Browse our selection of high quality pieces and make your house a home. Visit our store today and find the piece that speaks to you. 

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