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Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

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The holiday season is officially here! Fun and festive parties and events are on everyone’s agendas and that means hostess gifts galore. This year we have scoured the best brands and lines to deliver special and stand out hostess gifts that everyone will appreciate in this Gift Guide! Champagne Candle What hostess doesn’t love a [...]

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The Importance of the Entryway

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The Importance of The Entryway As quite literally the first thing people see when entering your home, the entryway is the first impression people are going to get of your entire space. This in itself should emphasize just how important this place is. Although you would be surprised at how often this area is overlooked [...]

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5 Fall Favorites: Lighting

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A new season is the perfect time (and excuse) to do some refreshing and this season we are focusing on lamps and lighting. Fall is in the air and while we desperately miss days spent soaking up the sun, we have the perfect line-up to help you lighten up these darker days. As temperatures drop [...]

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Room Tour: Modern Neutral Bedroom

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When the word neutral is used (especially in design context), other words like boring or understated can often come to mind. Although, a true designer knows neutral can certainly be nice if executed in the right way. That was the objective for this project. The clients wanted a modern, but neutral bedroom. We are going [...]

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How To Decorate With Acrylic Accessories

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    All about Acrylic Acrylic accessories are dominating the design world right now, and this is not just a Pinterest fad among young people. Different people tend to desire to incorporate acrylic into their home for different reasons. From a design perspective, the use of acrylic is very versatile. These pieces visually do  not [...]

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How to: Decorate with Gingham

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Check, please!   Gone are the days of grandmothers curtains, couch, and just about everything else being covered in this pattern. Gingham is making its comeback in a big (and much more aesthetically pleasing) way. From wallpaper, to a statement seat, or even bedding, we are seeing people going for gingham over and over this [...]

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Trending Now: Tassels and Pom Poms

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The latest in decorative accessories may seem like something you find in an arts and crafts store, but there is nothing homemade or haphazard about them if you ask us. We are loving the tassel and pom pom revolution that is taking over! All pieces featured are from Samuel & Sons. Cue the colorful and [...]

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Top Tray picks for Summer

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Oh happy, tray!   Move over coffee table books, make some room for a new accessory that will pair just right with you. Trays are all the rage right now! Rightfully so, these accents are equally pretty as they are practical. Did we mention they come in every style, shape, and size you could think [...]

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The Latest in Wallpaper Trends – Palm Print

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If you have opened a magazine or glanced at Pinterest lately, you have probably noticed a tree-inspired trend. From splashing it over fabric for dresses and tops, to curtains and upholstered chairs, and even found in our own backyards in Charleston, South Carolina  this pattern is quite literally everywhere. With the Palmetto paper from Nina [...]

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